Friday, 9 October 2015

THIS SAW CAN MAKE YOU RICH IF. IF WHAT? written by Moses A.O. Ashola.

Greetings,this is your friend and teacher Moses A.O. Ashola, I am here
again to show you something practically very important to you,
something very benefitting to you and if it can be taken care well,can
help many people around you to become well to do.I am showing you how
to make cool money from the comfort of your home. You have your two
hands,eyes to see and other parts of your body are functioning
well,then you are eligible to learn the art and craft work this
wonderful saw that can make you rich will teach you if, and if what?
In our communities today,we do hear that unemployment is eating deeply
into our societies today more than ever.To be sincere. there is
nothing like unemployment,we only have lack of understanding, because
of our uneducated formal education that has been after the agrarian
age have systematically sent to untimely death the agrarian system."My
people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, lack of understanding is

Monday, 28 September 2015


Hello our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters.
Can Women Abuse Be Eradicated?
Before you say anything, read this!
There is a deep tendency in human nature to become precisely what we
imagine or picture ourself to become.We tend to equate with our own
self-appraisal of depreciation or appreciation,that is to say, you and
I determine self-limitation or an unlimited growth potential.
Any negative thinker engages ultimately in a self-destroying process
for he or she constantly sends out negative thoughts,so definitely
activates the world around him or her negatively.
Very important point to note:There is a law of attraction,in which
like attracts like.Birds of a feather flock together.Thoughts of a
kind have a natural affinity.In a nutshell,if you are a negative
thinker, you draw back to yourself negative results, where as if you
are a positive thinker you draw back to yourself positive results.
These are definite and immutable law of mind.
Have you read this well? Before I ask the question again,read this too.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Thank You For Viewing The Campaign Going On Indiegogo
Hello there,
Thank You For Viewing The Campaign Going On Indiegogo
I'm reaching out to ask for your support for the "Free Art & Crafts Academy For Children." campaign on Indiegogo.
Thank you!
Ashola Moses Ademola

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Donations for Free Art & Craft Academy

Hello, this is Ashola Moses, CEO Asmo Crafts & Designs. I want to inform you all that I want to start a FREE Art & Craft Academy for Children for the betterment of their future. This will be starting from my immediate community and I will also move it to...
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